13 July 2024

Leading organisations in a new era

[full_width] Good leadership in new era consists in competencies, character and loyalty. It is what the society in crisis needs the most. Leaders of all levels all over the world are currently facing difficult challenges. How they behave, what decisions they make distinguish poor and ordinary leaders from truly great ones.

The importance of good leadership will only enlarge as we all continue resisting very volatile, complex and ambiguous situations.

The Lviv Business School of UCU in cooperation with the Center for Leadership of UCU and involving the Ian Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership (Ivey business school, Western university of Ontario, Canada) have developed the unique program for leaders of the highest levels. It is designed to illuminate the most present-day issues: from leader’s role as mentor and coach to how to work with angry and irritated by the pandemic employees; from successful communication with stakeholders during the pandemic to rebuilding trust after the organizational crisis and determining key leadership indicators. [/full_width]