Announcement of partnership between UCU Business School and Doctor Eleks

UCU Business School and Doctor Eleks announce the joint project “Adaptation of medical centers in times of war”. Within the framework of this project, a series of webinars will be held with experts who will help medical institutions adapt and adjust their processes in the conditions of martial law. We invite leaders, managers and owners of medical institutions to our online meetings.


As a result of these webinars, you will have the opportunity to:

Find new approaches to management
Learn from experts in the medical field
Find support from colleagues in the medical field
Understand what a leader should be in a period of change
Familiarize yourself with the tools that can be used in times of crisis and hostilities
Get practical cases, discussions
And our first webinar with Andriy Rozhdestvenskyi will take place on Wednesday. We’ll talk about emerging research on leadership in the run-up to and in times of full-scale war, as well as crisis leadership tools and skills.

When: Wednesday, 6/15 at 6:00 p.m.

Details and registration at

Andriy Rozhdestvenskyi – PhD, executive director of the Center for Leadership of UCU, lecturer at UCU Business School, business consultant. Andriy is also a co-founder of the consulting company AR Consulting, the educational projects “Leadership in the Mountains” and Scolar. Helps organizations that help children with cancer, rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts. Participant of the “Change Ukraine – start with yourself” movement. Organized the “Everest 2025” project.

The meeting is moderated by Ihor Zastavny, PhD, family doctor, co-founder of “VULIK Family Outpatient Clinic”, member of the Board of the Academy of Family Medicine of Ukraine.


Source: UKU Business School