«Has the spear ceased to be a weapon today? And if against a tank or chemical weapons? The same is true for old leadership styles: we can agree that they have the right to exist, but are they able to address present-day challenges?» – Andrew Rozhdestvensky at the public lecture for students «Why leader’s character matters much?»


Recently, (on 8th October) Kherson National Technical University students attended a public lecture by Andrew Rozhdestvensky, the Executive Director of the Center for Leadership of UCU.

New and old leadership styles, the difference between a manager and a leader were discussed, as well as the concept leadership based on character, which is the basis for the Center activities.

There were a lot of discussions and speculations on the question: who is a leader? According to our listeners, this is the person who:

  • can lead,
  •  is a communicator,
  • is able to motivate, organize teams,
  •  is an example for others,
  •  takes responsibility for others
  •  is confident.

What is your opinion about who is a real leader and what virtues he/she should possess?