Webinar series of the UCU Business School together with the UCU Leadership Center: about what is important today

The UCU Business School together with the UCU Leadership Center continues the series of webinars. We are talking about important and relevant topics for Ukrainians today, because each of us now has so many questions and so few answers. But together we will overcome everything!

We started our Reality Without Illusion webinar series even before the war with Russia and discussed topics such as crisis leadership and resilience, business operations in the volatile time of military tension, and how to find your inner strength. However, after February 24, the life of Ukrainians changed a lot, and with that, the topics of our webinars. We talk briefly about what is important today: pre-medical help, how to overcome fear, about the phenomenon of war and much more.

During this time, we held meetings with the following speakers:

Yaroslav Hrytsak, professor, historian, publicist, director and founder of the UCU Jewish Studies program.
Myroslav Marynovich, vice-rector for appointment and mission of UCU.
Oleg Romanchuk, doctor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, director of the UCU Institute of Mental Health, founder of the “Family Circle” center.
Hryhoriy Matsyshyn, Instructor in pre-medical care: First aid courses of CAB, All-Ukrainian Council of Resuscitation, European Council of Resuscitation.
We invite you to watch the webinars on our YouTube channel:

The phenomenon of war.
How to overcome fear?
Psychological stability in war conditions.
Resuscitation and emergency conditions. Stroke, heart attack, convulsions.
First aid for bleeding.
Now it is important for us to keep the right things in our focus and not panic. We invite you to follow our announcements and join the discussions during our future webinars.

Source: UCU Business School