Start of online-webinars for the military

Center for leadership of UCU continues its collaboration with the military by creating educational products of high quality for the Ukrainian army. Jointly with the Come Back Alive Foundation we launch a series of online webinars for the military.

On Wednesday, the 15th of April, within the “The Management and Leadership in a Military Unit” program, which is promoted by Center for Leadership of UCU and the Come Back Alive Foundation, the first online training on topic “How to choose a leadership style in a crisis”  is being commenced. 

On Wednesdays, for three weeks, The CEO of the UCU Center for Leadership Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi  will talk about leadership styles and peculiarities of each one, explain which of them is the most  suitable in today’s reality. After the completion of all educational webinars participants will know what styles of leadership and management exist in general, how to correctly and effectively set tasks, give feedback and communicate and so on.  Conversations, live discussion and various questions – nothing will be left behind.

You can join online training on our page and page of our partner Come Back Alive on Facebook on live.