Leadership styles, tasks setting, delegation of responsibilities: “Management and Leadership in the military unit” educational program runs on

Center for Leadership of UCU and Come Back Alive foundation encourage not to miss the opportunity and join further online webinars within the program “Management and leadership in the military unit.”

For three weeks the military from different parts of the country have been improving and gaining new skills about the “Management and leadership in the military unit.”

«How to choose a leadership style in crysis» – is the topic that has commenced our journey into the world of military leadership and new thinking. Video is available here.

During the webinar on «Tasks setting», which took place on Aprill, 22nd, in the military context  we’ve talked about the functions of management, types of subordinates and different ways of setting tasks for them, and also about the practicality and importance of using a SMART model. Here you may find more information.

On Thursday, the 30th of April, the third webinar on «Delegation of responsibilities»  proceeded. Therefore, CEO of Center for Leadership Andrew Rozdestwensky had talked over the importance of delegation for servicemen in their management activities and why this, in turn, ensures the effective work of the whole  team. The following issues also were mentioned:

  • what are the main barriers in  delegation of responsibilities,
  • what things should be delegated and which of them should  not,
  • how  the model of conversation with subordinates during delegation should look like and so on.

This webinar, as well as all previous ones, are available  on our partner’s page, that is on facebook page of Come Back Alive foundation.