19 / 03 / 2021

A series of webinars LvBS: «Leader’s character: building effective teams»

We kindly invite you to attend a series of issue-related webinars from LvBS «Leader’s character: building effective teams». Together with Andrew Rozhdestvensky, Executive Director of the Center for Leadership of UCU,  we will analyze Gerard Seijts’s articles. Gerard Seijts is the Executive Director of Іan O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership (Ivey Business School, Canada). Lviv […]

26 / 11 / 2020

Leadership at the time of challenges : Alumni Leadership Day 2020 conclusions

On such a symbolic day – Day of Dignity and Freedom – the annual great meeting of LvBS Alumni Leadership Day 2020 took place. Center for Leadership of UCU together with the Lviv business school of UCU prepared a lot of highlights for the Alumni so as to make this event special. We had a […]

10 / 11 / 2020

Trump, leadership, and consequences: it’s time to rethink

Fear, distrust, uncertainty about the future and many other things were caused by COVID-19 pandemic. And it has repeatedly shown the leader’s role in the community, and specifically – what are consequences when we lack character. Today everyone speaks about the presidential election in the USA – in the country with democratic principles, developed economy and united […]

13 / 10 / 2020

«Leader’s character matters much!» – public lecture for Kherson National Technical University students

«Has the spear ceased to be a weapon today? And if against a tank or chemical weapons? The same is true for old leadership styles: we can agree that they have the right to exist, but are they able to address present-day challenges?» – Andrew Rozhdestvensky at the public lecture for students «Why leader’s character matters […]

10 / 10 / 2020

The Ministry of Defense Case: «The Book of Reforms» Presentation in Kherson

«The word «impossible» is forbidden. We are searching and  finding ways.This is our task», –  mentions Yuriy Husiev, former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Head of Kherson Regional State Administration at the presentation of the Book of Reforms in Kherson. A short while ago an open-air presentation of the collection of educational cases «Book of […]

25 / 05 / 2020

Center for Leadership of UCU on the International Arena

Along with conducting and engaging in online educational programs for the Ukrainian community, the Center for Leadership of UCU has been once again involved in international activities. During the quarantine, Andrew Rozhdestvensky, CEO of Center for Leadership of UCU and lecturer at the Lviv Business School of UCU, has participated in the manifold of online webinars, […]

30 / 04 / 2020

Leadership styles, tasks setting, delegation of responsibilities: “Management and Leadership in the military unit” educational program runs on

Center for Leadership of UCU and Come Back Alive foundation encourage not to miss the opportunity and join further online webinars within the program “Management and leadership in the military unit.” For three weeks the military from different parts of the country have been improving and gaining new skills about the “Management and leadership in […]

15 / 04 / 2020

Start of online-webinars for the military

Center for leadership of UCU continues its collaboration with the military by creating educational products of high quality for the Ukrainian army. Jointly with the Come Back Alive Foundation we launch a series of online webinars for the military. On Wednesday, the 15th of April, within the “The Management and Leadership in a Military Unit” […]

14 / 03 / 2020

New approaches to studying for the Ukrainian military

Since spring 2019,  UCU Center for Leadership together with Come Back Alive Foundation has already carried out over 10 educational programs for the military of junior, middle and senior levels. “The Management and Leadership in a Military Unit” program is aimed to provide participants with the effective tools for managing direct subordinates. Recently, the CEO […]

16 / 12 / 2019

Along with the cases of leading foreign universities we may now use Ukrainian ones more – presentation of “Book of Reforms” in Lviv.

“In the academic process of the UCU, and LvBS particularly, we use many cases of other foreign universities. But program participants often tell us, “This is the Harvard case study, it’s about global organizations, it’s a completely different reality. We need examples closer to us and to our context.” Now we have published a collection […]

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